The Umoja Regional Symposias stand as annual beacons of collaboration, knowledge sharing, and community building. Hosted in Northern California, Southern California, and Washington State, these events serve as pivotal platforms for Umoja students, practitioners, and partners to engage in meaningful dialogues about student development, community building, and matriculation.

These symposia are more than just gatherings; they are vibrant spaces where ideas are exchanged, experiences are shared, and a collective commitment to student success is strengthened. Participants have the opportunity to delve into discussions that transcend geographical boundaries, fostering a sense of unity within the Umoja community.

As we come together in Northern California, Southern California, and Washington State for these annual events, we create an atmosphere of learning, growth, and empowerment. The symposia serve as catalysts for positive change, inspiring all involved to contribute actively to the advancement of Umoja's mission and the holistic development of our students.

Through these regional gatherings, the Umoja community continues to build bridges, share best practices, and celebrate the diversity that makes us stronger together. The annual symposia represent a commitment to continuous improvement, collaboration, and the ongoing pursuit of excellence in student support and community engagement.

Learn more about the 2024 Symposia below: