Umoja’s Curriculum: Transformative, Emancipatory, and Responsive to Our Legacy 

Our curriculum is the modality by which we deliver cultural and educational experiences that inspire self-actualization and academic excellence in Black students. Umoja’s curriculum begins with a holistic approach, bringing spirit, body, and cultural memory into the learning environments we cultivate for our students and community of practitioners. When students, faculty, and staff attend Umoja’s symposia, institutes, and conferences, they build communal intelligence around identity, culture, career growth, manifestation, and leadership. We draw from educators like bell hooks, Dr. Asa G. Hilliard, Dr. Bettina Love, and Dr. Wade Nobles to uplift the important role of culture, love, and justice in the Umoja classroom and program. We recommend aligning programs, coursework, field trips, etc. to at least one of the goals or objectives from Umoja’s Curriculum. 


For inquiries on Umoja’s Curriculum, please contact the Director of Curriculum and Instruction, Myia Williams, at